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I creative directed and produced a pop-up shop and marketing assets for Los Angeles based brand STEELE, by influencer Amanda Steele at Showfeilds in Noho New York. My goal was to find a engaging way to educate the New York audience about STEELE. The Steele Style Lab was an interactive, shareable experience allowing guests to both meet Amanda and learn about everything STEELE represents. 

STEELE Style Lab

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Concept and Direction:  Sebastian Baptiste

Art Direction: Sebastian Baptiste, Stephanie Park

Visual storytelling - Videography: Jean Hsu, Sebastian Baptiste

Sound Design: Sebastian Baptiste

Set Design & Construction: Jean Hsu, Sebastian Baptiste

Event Coordination: MVPR, Sebastian Baptiste, Stephanie Park

Model: Heaven Leigh


I designed and constructed three 6’ x 3’ interactive displays that featured select STEELE collection items sandwiched between two acrylic sheets framed by eight aluminum angles and LED motion tape lights specifically engineered to operate through a single light switch. The initial idea was a black painted wooden frame. However, I opted for a cleaner look and crafted the frame structure with aluminum angles.


On the left side of each display is a QR code. Once scanned, it opens up to a video displaying a model as a “Test Subject.” As the model rotates, information about each garment is displayed.

Videos of the display build-out process and photoshoot were transformed into lab security footage for promotional posts. A large version was played on televisions at the event. All digital assets were configured for Instagram: stories, grid and IGTV.

Display Features 



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