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Growing up, going to cookouts you knew you were in for a great time with good people, good food, and good music. Current Location Cookout was produced to honor my Caribbean heritage. With live music from Nick & Navi, DJ sets, food provided by Stew & Tings and The Fat Vegan, exclusive retail pop-ups, and interactive elements like a photo booth designed and operated by Hella Looks. I designed merch for the event, hoodies were gifted to every DJ, Host, and Photographer who worked with Current Location up until that point. T-shirts with the same design as the hoodie were sold during the event. 

Current Location  


- Event Production

- DJ





2018 - 2021

Founded and operated by DJ duo Sebastian Baptiste and HYPHEN, CURRENT LOCATION has produced over 200 live music events in Los Angeles and New York. A creative event production house of the new era. Bridging the gap between music, tech, fashion, and hospitality, CURRENT LOCATION events served as a vibe factory to directly connect the culture with its audience. From event production to creative direction and music curation, with CURRENT LOCATION, the party is wherever we are!

Current Location - Events

Concept and Direction:  Sebastian Baptiste

Branding & Marketing: Sebastian Baptiste

Event Coordination: Sebastian Baptiste, Joseph Poakwa (HYPHEN)

Sound & DJ: Sebastian Baptiste, Joseph Poakwa (HYPHEN)

Set Design & Coordination: Sebastian Baptiste


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